Fade is the coming of age story of Jenna, an English girl who, in the space of twenty-four hours, discovers that she has the ability to see strange creatures called faders, then loses her father to one of those creatures.

With her only parent gone, she is taken to an academy for those with her gifts and has to learn to exist in a world she was previously blind to. 

When Jenna discovers that the fader who killed her father is after her, she is moved, with her new friends, to another academy in Colorado for her own protection. 

But the more she discovers about this strange world she now inhabits, the more it appears that nothing is as seems.

The Faders series is a rollercoaster ride of twists and turns that will leave you breathless.

The Faders

My paranormal powers awakened. I had the ability to see the mysterious, dangerous Faders, and I can shoot lightning from my hands. As soon as I learn to control my powers, I’m going to dump 50,000 volts into any Faders I can find.
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Double the voltage! Double the trouble! I need to break a fader, out of a top-secret stronghold. I'm learning to control my powers, anyone who underestimates me is going to get the shock of their life.
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Maximum voltage! Sparks are gonna fly! An act of desperation stripped me of my powers. My friends are in peril and the future of three worlds is at stake, but billions of lives could be in peril from me if I accept an offer from a mysterious entity to return my powers.
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Fade. The Network. Portal. All together in a great collection. Don't let it fade away!
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Legacy of the Shadow's Blood